Fit Encore Garcinia SE: Losing weight in 28 days 14 kg – result confirmed by independent medical tests


My name is prof. Karri Palosaari and I are an expert in molecular biology. On this page, I want to introduce you to the greatest achievement of my life, which I have already received many prestigious awards. (Fit Encore Garcinia Diet) I have developed a natural treatment, which allows each person can lose up to 14 kg 28 days of over-the-automatically, without changing diet and effort.

So if you want to lose weight without changing your lifestyle:

  • lose 14 kg in 28 days – although fasting and intense workouts had no effect before;
  • lowers cholesterol levels after the first 2 weeks of treatment and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis by 82%;
  • reduce blood sugar levels and effectively prevent the development of diabetes mellitus;
  • reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, brain drain, and arthralgia by 91%;
  • permanently blocking the jo-jo effect ;
  • get 3 times more energy and look great in every outfit …

You can achieve all this without dietetic therapists, special diets, training, fasting, sacrifice, and irritability. At the same time, saving thousands of euros. So be sure to read what I want to tell you.

No matter how old you are, what medications you use and how long you have been overweight. It does not matter whether obesity is hereditary, whether it is a consequence of pregnancy or medication. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few pounds too much, or if you suffer from sick obesity. Even if you had tried hundreds of times to lose weight without results and only brought more disappointments … Know that your effort will end with this. Thanks to the method, you can lose up to 14 kg in 28 days and eventually get an attractive, slim body. Without effort, diet or sacrifice.

Here’s why my method is a great alternative to losing weight.

  • It is natural and works in harmony with the body. By fasting, you will never reach the intended goal. Our body has been created to eat. It’s simple and self-evident. The moment you don’t give it food, you’re against nature. So you can’t achieve weight loss results for longer. The same happens when you force your body to do unnatural exercises. My method is to change the burning and metabolism of fat tissue and …
  • I guarantee a fast and very high impact. Instead of eating vegetables for steamed months, denying yourself favorite foods and sweets and lowering every gram of food, you can simply tune your body’s fat burning. Without lifting weights, branch jumps and fooling. It is the excitation of the metabolic mechanism.
  • You don’t need to get upset. As I said: you can eat whatever you want, how much you want, when you want. It’s not the food that makes you unable to lose weight, but how the body destroys food and how it transforms it into energy.
  • Automatically burns fat 24 hours a day. Even if you sit on the couch, the remote control in your hand, you can lose weight. All because my method restricts hunger and accelerates the burning of fatty tissue by over 350%.
  • Protect your health. My method cleanses the body of life-threatening residues and toxins and lowers cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. This will radically reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, brain drain, and diabetes, as well as knee and hip joint degeneration.
  • To lose weight permanently. My method works according to the natural body model. As a result, the jo-jo effect is not possible, which usually follows every weight loss course.
  • Allows you to save thousands of euros. Instead of spending your money on nutritionists, personal trainers, and questionable weight loss products, you can invest in my method. Once for 1 month and forget about overweight definitely.

I have developed a natural method that eliminates the causes of excess weight and burns fat automatically

Thanks to it – finally, you get rid of overweight, get your body of dreams and protect your health … you forget the unnaturally large garment sizes, knee pain when you walk up the stairs, after a few steps of breathlessness and even the slightest discomfort of a sweaty body. And also the shame, frustration, and jealousy that you had to swallow so often.

Thanks to my method, you will print about 14 kg less in 28 days. Get into every piece of clothing, and your mirror image will surprise you! In the end, you can proudly reveal your body on the beach, by the pool or in front of your partner in the bedroom … All because, as I have managed to develop a two-step formula that will destroy the causes of overweight and automatically burn fat 24 hours a day. How did I do that?

I wanted to release my wife from complexes

According to the latest survey, every third person in Finland is overweight. This is a huge problem, especially for women. A beautiful body adds confidence and makes us feel more attractive – it’s completely natural and right for everyone. What’s worse, obesity brings with it a serious health risk. Overweight causes not only increased (about 350%) stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, stroke, heart attack or severe rheumatoid arthritis. It is also the cause of diseases that make life difficult – for example, bare bones, eczema or rash, and allergy. Unfortunately, overweight problems have also affected my wife Annika …

Before her marriage, she was a beautiful woman. He did not count calories – he ate what he wanted and did not get fat. However, over the years after the birth of two children, her weight began to rise. The abdominal sausage, the massive hips, and the thighs became the source of his large complexes. Even though I loved her the way she was, I also noticed that she didn’t go well. Both physically and mentally.

Annika was ashamed of her body and could not accept her appearance. He became irritated. I was literally afraid to say anything to her. One day he returned home as a hysterical. “The dress fell apart on me. I’m a disgusting, fat whale!” She cried crying. He threw the door and closed himself to the bedroom. That’s how we started to show our lives.

It even endangered his life!

However, the worst was still coming. Annika began to sink into ill health. His joints began to refuse to obey. She didn’t get up to the second floor because her knees were touched and she breathed. That’s why he went to a doctor who had no mercy on him. Honestly, he just said, “If you don’t lose weight and lower your cholesterol, you won’t live old .” That’s why he started to lose weight, or rather … fast. Unfortunately, the diet was not effective. When he lost a few pounds, he then became even more fat because his metabolism had slowed down. He was frustrated. Not only did he feel disgusting about his body, but he also lost his health.

How did I find an “overweight antidote”?

I had to help my wife return to the former body, and get her back to good mood and above all – to health. I wanted him to lose his obsession with his appearance and be happy again. I thought, ” Man, you’re a scientist! Make something overweight!”

I had been doing intensive laboratory tests for over a year. I tested different combinations of active ingredients with my wife. I just say that everyone was 100% natural and safe for the body. Scientific knowledge, hard work and a bit of luck quickly brought results – I developed a unique, two-stage weight loss formula. I named it Fit Encore Garcinia. I immediately reported on large scale studies. Its 98% efficiency has been confirmed in major research centers in Europe and the United States! Still, during the tests, the formula naturally reduced volunteers to an average of 14 kg per month.

My wife felt better right after using my 2-step weight loss diet. He was glad that he was not hungry for the unlimited desire to eat unhealthy food or something sweet. And it was just the beginning. After the first week, he lost 5 kg. He broke out of energy. “Curry, I am, as if the fat would disappear from me ” – he shouted good luck when he was wearing pants on pants he hadn’t used for four years!

Lose weight without diet 26 kg 2 per month

We did not believe our eyes how the weight dropped every day and my wife’s waist, hips, and thighs decreased. His hated cellulite disappeared. After two months, my wife confessed to being happy and tickled to death, he confessed: “Karri, I tried my wedding dress and it fits perfectly! I got back to the pre-wedding my body! You have invented an antidote to obesity How many people you can not help Thank you so much!”.

Thanks to my 2-step diet plan, Annika lost 26 kg in 2 months. She automatically lost weight without changing her diet and training. She cleansed her body and burst into energy – she runs up the stairs faster than our daughter – nothing touches her and she got rid of the bitter things! But that’s not all. When he went to the doctor, he praised his results. Cholesterol normalized and we are no longer afraid of atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke!

So much weight loss without damage to health has so far been impossible. Now, thanks to my 2-step weight loss method, quick and safe weight loss and avoidance of jo-yoga are possible.

Allow me to explain to you why my weight loss formula is so effective. Its effect is 2-step:

Step I – Cleansing Your Body

You will never lose even 1 kg if you do not cleanse your body. Although you would fast and torture yourself with exercises in the gym – the weight does not move, as your bowels can contain up to 15 kg of rotting deposits and circulating harmful toxins in your bloodstream. They prevent metabolism and burn fat. Although you may not be aware of their existence. You can’t escape them. You breathe them out of the air, drink water and eat food – even fruits and vegetables.

The formula effectively cleanses the body of deposits and toxins. It transforms the body into a completely different mode of action – to eliminate toxins, but also to burn fat tissue faster, and to get the gun to get 15 times more energy from food. Therefore, it is possible to completely eliminate the feeling of hunger, reduce appetite and stop the jo-jo effect. Thanks to this, after just a few days of use, you can start automatic fat burning.

Step II – Automatic fat burning

I included in the formula natural substances that literally destroy fat cells. You don’t have to go to the gym, run or work out. If you want muscles – of course, you can. However, if you just want to get rid of the fatigue of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks to get rid of cellulite – use my two-step weight loss formula.

After a few days, you automatically start fat burning 24 hours a day, even if you sleep. In addition, you permanently block the jo-jo effect. You can be sure to get rid of the fat you hate permanently. Thanks to this method, you stop the storage of fat tissue at the molecular level and you can accelerate the burning of it strongly.

Why has my 2-phase formula got a “miraculous antidote for overweight” reputation?


Until now, effective weight loss seemed completely impossible. Today, with a two-stage weight loss formula, you can not only stop but also completely reverse the process of leaning. This is confirmed by my wife and 14 thousand other cases. People who have already acquired a slim body thanks to the two-stage weight loss formula. Best of all, efficiency has been proven at the American Research Center in Chicago. This is a worldwide invention that has been recognized and admired by excellent nutrition and weight loss experts.


Organic ingredients work wonders – it is enough that science develops the perfect composition! Here is a slogan that inspired me to create a two-stage weight loss formula. Treatment includes only natural, safe and highly effective substances. I sealed them in the pills so that everyone could easily do the treatment alone at home. Drink just a portion of a tasty drink to see how daily fat literally evaporates from your stomach, thighs, and buttocks, revealing your slim body.

All of your friends, acquaintances and your family will be impressed by your transformation. They will not believe that you have achieved this by doing nothing!

The deaf has a unique shape, it is enclosed in porous capsules, which makes it effective at 3 levels, ensuring:

1. Full health safety – The 2-stage weight loss method does not include cheap fillers (such as flour or gypsum) or dangerous parasites such as 30% capsules for slimming. It is completely natural and safe for your health. This makes it immediately absorbed into the body and affects its function.

2. Suitable Hydration – A tablet dissolved in water allows 350% better absorption of active ingredients, but is also responsible for proper hydration. This is very important for effective weight loss. Most methods dehydrate the body, leading to the development of body dysfunctions and defensive reactions. The body begins to defend itself against weight loss. That way you can’t lose weight. Already the first use of my method liquefies the organism 4 times better than drinking 1 liter of water.

3. Immediate Action – Due to its liquid form, the treatment works immediately after entering the body. If you had drunk a dose before reading this text, you would burn fat now!

How could you skip this opportunity to reach your slim body?

You can still suffer from overweight complexes and expose your health. You can also continue to torture yourself with an ineffective diet for weight loss … But why, if I guarantee you a quick, simple and safe way to lose 14 kg in 28 days and get the weight of your dreams? All you need is just a 28-day treatment to join the 14 steps of Fit Encore Garcinia, who have already lost weight and are now enjoying an attractive body and good health.

You’re not risking anything!

Using Fit Encore Garcinia, you lose 14 kg in 28 days. In addition, you do not compromise anything! As a worldwide achievement, the two-stage weight loss formula received a general guarantee of triple satisfaction: originality, quality, and satisfaction.

Triple Satisfaction Guarantee

1. Originality guarantee – Bioveliss For the first time, effective weight loss agents were used. It is a unique combination that overcomes the causes of overweight and at the same time triggers body fat burning. That’s why you can be sure that you will get the initial treatment that is only available through this site.

2. Quality Assurance – Thanks to the advanced processing process, the Fit Encore Garcinia Reviews Active Ingredients comply with the highest quality standards. It is the composition of the strongest weight loss agents that have been chosen to be completely safe for the body. All this is because the substance would meet your 100% expectations.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee – The effectiveness of the treatment is confirmed by the fact that all users have lost at least 14 kilos per month. Everyone, including myself, is sure you will release yourself from the nightmare of the overweight and proudly present your new, slim body.

Lose weight 14 kg in 28 days with Fit Encore Garcinia quickly, easily and economically

The major pharmaceutical group in the United States and Japan literally fight my patented 2-step slimming diet. When I sell my patent, the course will be available all over the world, but it will be much more expensive.

Before that, I first decided to offer it in Finland to participate in the front club – with a 59% discount. All this will help you to lose weight as many people as in my home country.

That’s why I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! The order of the front club is simple. You don’t have to send money online or pay by card to get Fit Encore Garcinia SE. All you have to do is fill in the form in 2 minutes and in a few days, you will receive a package that you can pay conveniently to the courier or postman.

Thank you for reading my message. I wish you much luck in your new life. Without overweight and complexes, but with confidence and complete vitality.

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